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The Most Common Reasons for Divorce in Texas

Updated: Feb 23

When you're going through a divorce in Texas, you may feel isolated and as if no one understands what you're going through. Both are perfectly reasonable reactions to a difficult situation that can feel like a slow-motion car wreck.

And, as difficult as things may be, knowing you aren't alone can be reassuring. Understanding the top reasons for divorce, at the very least, may help you make sense of the forces that have driven you apart.

Or maybe things just seem “off” with you and your spouse lately. Your arguments have become more frequent and your fights last longer. All marriages hit a rough patch sooner or later. Knowing why people get a divorce may help you learn from the mistakes of others so you can right the ship.

Most Common Reasons for Divorce

With that, let’s take a look at the most common reasons for divorce.

1. Money

What is the top cause of divorce in America?

It depends on who you ask.

People divorce for a variety of reasons, as you can see. According to some studies, the primary reasons are communication problems, growing apart over time, or domestic or substance abuse.

The rankings will differ from study to study, but one of the most common causes of divorce is always money. Money issues can drive married couples insane because money affects so many aspects of everyone's lives.

No matter how much money you have (or not), there’s always the issue of money as a primary connector in marriage. That means it’s also a primary flashpoint for arguments and in many cases, a motivating factor in divorce.

Money issues can wreck a marriage in so many different ways.

Spouses who use credit cards recklessly can rack up large debts without their spouse's knowledge. One spouse may earn significantly more than the other, resulting in resentment and control issues.

Long-term financial goals may be different for each spouse. One spouse prefers to "live for today," while the other prefers to save every penny for retirement.

One spouse desires a new car every two years, while the other is content with any vehicle that has already been paid off.

Money can be especially important to the degree that you don’t have it. When one spouse or the other loses a job or significant unexpected financial setbacks take place (think job loss, health crises, etc.), it can cause a big squeeze on family finances that may last for months or even years.

Money issues cause stress. Stress chokes off communication. A lack of communication leads to breakdowns in trust. And the result is often divorce.

Money problems are difficult to resolve, but the best way to do so is to create a budget and long-term goals and stick to them. Make a concerted effort to maintain open lines of communication regarding financial interests, especially during difficult times.

You will almost certainly have financial disagreements during the course of your marriage. However, just like any other marital problem, if you face financial challenges honestly and as a team, your marriage has a much better chance of surviving.

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2. Lack of Intimacy