Cost of Uncontested Divorce in Texas

The average cost of uncontested divorce in Texas ranges between $300 and $5,000, depending on whether lawyers are involved. In general, it is the cheapest and the quickest option available in any state. As you are already in full agreement, you won’t have to hire a lawyer, which is a factor that sufficiently decreases the cost of uncontested divorce in Texas. You may either complete the paperwork on your own or get help online.

Factors That Influence the Cost of Uncontested Divorce in Texas 

If you are planning for an agreed divorce, looking for someone who can help in settling the case smoothly can present its own challenges. Unfortunately, misconceptions about the Cost of Uncontested Divorce in Texas may lead to confusion about the process and where to look.

Note that getting a divorce in Texas without a lawyer presupposes being in agreement. You need to have a clear line of communication with your spouse to decide what each of you will get or take responsibility for after you end your marriage. The aspects you have to discuss include but are not limited to custody and child support, property and debt division, and spousal support. All of your decisions on these matters have to be included in your Settlement Agreement.

Lonestar Uncontested Divorce

More Control Over the Process

It is always in a divorcing couple’s best interest to resolve issues on their own rather than leave the decision-making to a judge. When agreeing to the issues, spouses can create customized solutions that are better for them rather than legal formulas being applied to a case. When getting an uncontested divorce, you determine what you will concede and what you will not.

Quicker Resolution

Divorce is never easy. After making the final decision, you likely want the process to be over as soon as possible. Due to the fact that there are no legal disputes, an uncontested divorce can take as little as three to four months, and technically, a divorce case can be resolved after 61 days. Contested divorce cases can take anywhere from six months to one year or more before they are finalized.

Greater Privacy

When a contested divorce needs to be resolved in the courtroom, the issues become a part of the public record. This is not the case with issues that are resolved privately. For those who want greater confidentiality during their divorce case, an uncontested divorce has many benefits.

How Much Does a Contested Divorce Cost?

The average cost of contested divorce in the state of Texas is between $9,600 and $15,600, which is a real fortune for many couples. The average rate of a family law attorney is $360 per hour and can be even higher if the attorney is experienced in situations similar to yours or if the case is serious.

In general, the more issues the court has to resolve for you, the higher the cost of your divorce. No matter if you need to divide your property, decide on custody, or determine the need for spousal support, you will have to hire lawyers and other professionals who will have to inspect your case and even testify in court, which will significantly increase the costs.

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