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State of Texas

Understanding the Process of Divorce in Texas

Uncontested vs Contested Divorce in Texas Divorce in Texas is a legal process that can be [...]
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A Guide to Texas Divorce Laws

Uncontested Divorce in Texas

A Guide to Texas Divorce Laws In Texas, the rules about marriage and divorce are [...]
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contested vs uncontested

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce in Texas

When a couple divorces in Texas, there are usually a host of decisions that need to [...]
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Legal Separation vs Divorce

Legal Separation vs Divorce: What’s the difference?

There are plenty of reasons to elect for legal separation instead of divorce. Understand the [...]
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Custody and Support

Custody and Support of the Child in Texas

Joint or sole managing conservatorship (better known as custody) is decided according to what is [...]
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Community Property Law

What is a divorce decree? What you need to know

A divorce decree is one of the most important documents you’ll need in this process. [...]
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Divorce Mediation Process

The Divorce Mediation Process

The Divorce Mediation Process Although every mediator will have their own style, the general process [...]
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Divorce and Separation

Uncontested Divorce with Children

Uncontested divorces are more affordable and less time-consuming than traditional litigation. They are also more [...]
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Marital Settlement Agreements

Marital Settlement Agreements

An Overview of Marital Settlement Agreements A “marital settlement agreement” goes by several names depending [...]
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Child and Divorce

How Divorce Affects Children

How a divorce affects children is one of the main concerns of parents considering or [...]
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