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Laws Governing Military Divorces

Laws Governing Military Divorces

When civilians go through divorces, most of the time, the laws and procedures governing that [...]
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Legal Separation vs Divorce

Legal Separation vs Divorce: What’s the difference?

There are plenty of reasons to elect for legal separation instead of divorce. Understand the [...]
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Custody and Support

Custody and Support of the Child in Texas

Joint or sole managing conservatorship (better known as custody) is decided according to what is [...]
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Texas Divorce Forms

Your Guide to Texas Divorce Forms

Getting a divorce in Texas is largely a matter of preparing and filing the right [...]
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Reasons for Divorce in Texas

The Most Common Reasons for Divorce in Texas

When you’re going through a divorce in Texas, you may feel isolated and as if [...]
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Uncontested Military Divorce

Uncontested Military Divorce in North Texas

Under the best of circumstances, facing the end of a marriage and all of the [...]
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5th Circuit Decides

5th Circuit Decides that Domestic Violence Abusers Have Right to Bear Arms

Do Abusers Have Right The Federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals released a rare opinion [...]
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Facts about Divorce in Texas

10 Fascinating Facts about Divorce in Texas

Most people associate Texas with cowboys, cattle, and the Wild West. However, one aspect of [...]
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Family Law Terminologies

20 Must-Know Texan Divorce and Family Law Terminologies

Divorce and family law proceedings in Texas necessitate that both parties adhere to certain procedures [...]
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Property Rights

Property Rights for Unmarried Couples

Frequently asked questions to help unmarried couples determine who owns what. Property Rights My partner [...]
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